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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Surface area: 51,197 km2

Time zone: GMT + 1 (during summer)

Population: Over 3.800.000

Capital: Sarajevo

Coast line: 20 km

Climate: The Adriatic  has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters that is inherited in the area close to the sea. Inland is a typical continental and seldom alpine climate/

Religions: Islam, Orthodox and Catholic

Official language and alphabet: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language. Cyrilic Alphabet

Political system: International Protectorate

Monetary unit: Convertible Mark

International telephone code: ++387

Pets: Allowed, is better to have a vaccination record and veterinary certificate.

Customs formalities: Expensive professional and technical equipment should be declared at the border crossing.

Traveling documents: To enter Bosnia you need a valid passport depending on international agreement between the countries.

Visa: If required, please check with the nearest Bosnian Consulate or Embassy

Currency: Foreign currency can be changed at Banks, Exchange Offices, Post Offices, Tourist agencies, hotels etc. All major cards (American Express, Visa, Euro/MasterCard, Diners) are accepted for a wide range of services.

Medical services: Medical care for foreigners can be provided at hospitals and clinics in all major cities in Bosnia.

Drivers: Valid documents for themselves and for the vehicle, as well as the green insurance card.

Rent-a-Car & Taxi: Cars and Taxi can be rented at the airport, in towns and in all major tourist centers.

Cellular phone range: Communication by cellular phone is possible throughout Bosnia

Postal services: Postage stamps are sold at post offices, hotel receptions and newspaper stands. FedEx, EMS and DHL air-express carrier services are also available. For international calls, besides using hotel and post office services, phone cards (for sale in all post offices) are used in all public phone booths.